Women In Control of Smoking WICOS

women in control of smoking document coverIn 2001 arts workshops, education workshops and consultation with young women were used to address the issue of cigarette smoking. The project partners were Liverpool Women’s Health Centre, Fairfield Liverpool Youth Health Team and Liverpool Girls High School.

120 young women attended consultations to assess levels of knowledge and issues important to them about smoking. Education workshops were developed from the feedback. Art consultations were also conducted to assess the preferred arts medium that the girls would like to use voice their opinions.

Consultations resulted in the development of 4 Factsheets: Facts about Smoking; Quitting Tips; Effects of Smoking; Smoking and the Law. A newsletter Questions All Girls Ask was also developed to address other issues the young women raised in consultations.

Education workshops on smoking were conducted with 170 young women.

Arts workshops were conducted with 30 young women who then selected 3 art works to be reproduced into postcards which voiced their views and messages on cigarette smoking.

A full project report is available from the Centre.