Laughter Club

Laughter has been shown to have many health benefits such as pain relief, improved circulation, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, release of feel good hormones and keeping you young at heart. The body releases ‘feel good’ hormones (endorphins) when a person laughs. The body does not know the difference between a real laugh or a fake one, you will still receive the health benefits. The idea for laughter clubs originated in India with Dr Madan Kataria in 1995 after he had read about the health benefits of laughter and decided to start a laughter club to put theory into practice.

laughter club

LWHC Laughter club members in action

Liverpool Women’s Health Centre launched our laughter club in 2001 and its still going strong. The laughter club is an informal group where members come to sessions whenever they want - it is an ongoing club, new members can start at any stage.

The laughter club session goes for 30 minutes, participants stand in a circle and start with deep breathing exercises and stretching. This helps in creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. We then go through different types of laughs such as the one metre laugh, Hawaiian, gone fishing laugh, rubbing the scratchie laugh, kookaburra and milk shake.

laughter club

After each different laugh all members do a chant Ho HO HA HA HA in unison with clapping 3 or four times. At the end of the session we do a group affirmation, to end on a positive note eg  “ laughter is the best medicine- so lets laugh”

It is important for certain people with health issues to be careful when participating in laughter sessions. Sometimes it may be necessary to speak with your doctor first before doing a session to have a clearance.

The laughter club meets every Thursday at the Centre from 10 am – 10.30 am excluding school holidays.