Centre structure

Liverpool Women’s Health Centre is run by women with women. We are a non-profit organisation and predominantly receive our funds from Sydney South West Area Health Service under the NSW Health Non Government Organisations Funding Program.

We are an incorporated association. The Centre is overseen by an elected Management Committee comprising local residents, community and health workers and representatives of particular communities. Management Committee members are elected for a period of 2 years.

Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting sometime between July – December to publicly review our work for the previous financial year, present our audited financial records and elect our Management Committee for the coming year. Half of our management committee come up for election one year and half the following year.

All staff and management committee are required to be members of the Association. Other interested women who support the philosophy of the women’s health centre may apply to join . Membership fees are $1.

The Centre employs approximately 15 staff on an ongoing basis and a range of casuals. Due to funding constraints all staff are employed part-time. The Centre staff are divided into teams Clinical, Counselling, Health Promotion , Administration and WEEO WISER Peer Education. The Centre is managed by a Coordinator with the support of Team Leaders.

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Liverpool Women's Health Centre ORGANISATIONAL CHART - 18kb PDF