About Us

Liverpool Women's Health Centre was established under a Federal grant in 1975, by women from within the Women's Liberation Movement in close consultation with a group of women from Green Valley.

It was the second women's health centre to open in NSW, helping to pioneer new approaches to health care and service delivery based on feminist principles and philosophy.

original LWHC collective

The original 1975 LWHC collective

Over the years the centre has participated in campaigns and actions for change aimed at improving the quality, range and accessibility of health services for women and at improving women’s lives generally.

It has been instrumental in developing new services for women both in the local area and beyond. These include child care services, a refuge for single women, sexual assault services and health services for Aboriginal women.

Liverpool Women’s Health Centre is now one of 23 feminist women’s health centres in NSW. We are a member of Women’s Health NSW.

Since opening in 1975, Liverpool Women’s Health Centre has helped thousands of women to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Centre currently receives over $500 000 in funding through Sydney South West Area Health Service. Our medical services are funded through Medicare rebates. Over recent years the Centre has received time limited funding for specific projects from the NSW Office for Women, NSW Dept of Community Services and Mounties (Mount Pritchard Community Club).

LWHC collective 2005

LWHC Staff and Management Committee in 2005